LYN Collection

Water & Air Permeable
Nail Lacquer

Water & Air Permeable
Nail Lacquer

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Our Story

Add Color to Your Nails.

We want to inspire your personal expression and freedom that is still linked to your traditions and beliefs, as well as create a world that invites YOU be a part of it. Believe it or not we are consumers like you too! We’ve ensured that fashion meets culture with our fabulous Halal certified nail lacquer brand.  

Our team of brains and beauty aim to push the boundaries in a creatively innovative way; allowing you to experience the joy of your individuality and beauty! We want to give all women the ability of self-expression. We are a fresh, new and stylish brand that works for every occasion. You’re bound to find a colour that suits your current mood!

“Hello. First of all, I would like to say I love LYN nail polishes. I had stopped using nail polish for years as I couldn’t do wudhu with them on. Then came LYN and brought color to my life and my nails again. So for that a big thank you!”


“Love the Quality o f LYN Nail Polishes. They are absolutely worth the prices.”


"Love how these nail polishes are so amazing and much better than other brands around. Also, so easy to use and apply. Love all the variety of colours in the LYN range."