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Our head writer has put together a very specific narrative background, which will provide us with a number of parameters for what we’d like you to design.

Here’s what he’s looking for:

A hero in the eyes of many, but a villain to some. Anyone who has dealt with a regular villain knows it’s difficult to be a hero, but that only seems to be the case because they’re villains. No villain ever behaves in the same way every single time. He/she makes mistakes, experiences a “change of heart”, and their life and the lives of others may be completely irrevocably changed. We’re looking for a character like that.

Someone who people could see themselves in, and someone that would fit into the world we’re creating. The protagonist is a city dweller, but the antagonist is rural.

An interesting setting, preferably unique, most preferably a city or small town that has been somewhat damaged. Something on the order of a slum, shanty town, gutted city, or a broken, confused town. Something that would easily feel like the real world, but has an underlying darkness to it. (We’re not looking for horror, but there should be enough weirdness there to lend it that feel)

Someone who could be much more than their visual appearance. There’s a tendency to look at a character and think of them solely in terms of what they look like and what their appearance entails. Think of Harley Quinn’s beauty

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