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View or controller to handle casting within a single product of ContentType?

I have a DomainModel class I’m working with. In this instance I have a Product object which can have different contentTypes in the Product__c object.
I have a ListViewController with a Product__c object as a filter. When I want to show some more Product__c information via the UI, I want to also show a Controller with the latest version of the Product__c object that contains the more detailed information.
Is there a way that I can decouple the two controllers, maybe by creating a new ‘View’ for the Product__c object, where I can set the contentType?
Right now the only way I can see to do this is to have a getter in my Product object that returns the correct content type for the Product__c object.
This seems like an incredibly hacky way to do something that might be fairly common, is there a better way to do this?


You can create a custom view display for your Product__c object (or any content type) that exposes extra fields and relationships that you’re not currently showing in your ListViewController.
Then your ListViewController can set the apex:inputHidden to false if they don’t need to update the input values.

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Selective colspanning of tables in HTML

I’m having an issue where I have some tables in a page that I want to colspan over certain rows, but not others.
Currently I have two tables as follows:


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