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I am using Windows 7 and I have a 250 GB hard drive. How would I find out what is taking up more space and what programs.Life cycle cost of adverse effects of wastewater reuse in arid, urban regions.
Municipal wastewater is reused for irrigation and/or industrial purposes in arid and semi-arid regions with an increasing population and improving environmental and health standards. It is expected that this will continue to expand and that the adverse effects on receiving surface waters will increase. Although the life cycle assessment of this practice has not yet been performed, monitoring of long term impacts on receiving waters due to the low quality reuse practice is important. In this study, the life cycle assessment for the impacts of reuse of wastewater in an irrigated agriculture context for potable purposes was analyzed for Israel in the Mediterranean climate. The low quality treatment method was used. Alternative systems with a higher degree of treatment, biological (e.g., anaerobic digestion), or physicochemical (e.g., ion exclusion) were also examined. Two scenarios: upstream and downstream of the treatment plant, were analyzed. In both cases, the most significant impacts were the potential loss of soil quality due to poor water quality in the reuse system. In downstream scenarios, the greatest impacts were caused by the release of polluted soils to surface waters as well as the increased energy requirements due to larger land areas. In upstream scenarios, the highest impacts were caused by the release of polluted soils to the environment as well as the potentially polluted water from the reuse process. It is

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