Do you find yourself constantly browsing online for newer and exciting trends in summer nails and to buy nail polish online? 

From downright experimental and quirky care to the finest in elegance, you know you can’t have enough. To make your browsing more rewarding, we at LYN have made it easier for you to purchase permeable nail polish. 

LYN wants to inspire your expression and freedom that is still linked to your traditions and beliefs, as well as create a world that invites YOU to be a part of it. 

The best route to stronger, longer nails is mostly through simple lifestyle habits, not pricy nail tools but getting healthy nails also means kicking some bad habits, such as using your nails as a built-in pocket knife. 

Proper nail care and maintenance is always a must, but summer activities like swimming, gardening, and travel requires that we take our routines up a notch. 

There’s a special kind of power in having healthy, strong nails, whether you work the nail colors, go polish free or love nude nail colors. Healthy nails (and even the results of good nail cuticle care) are one of that less visible confidence boosters, like wearing a fancy dress just because or splurging on trendy shoes to wear. 

Moisturizing your nail is a well-known secret to healthy nails, but it’s often overlooked. While dry, brittle nails can be the result of many factors, they’re ultimately a cry for moisture, so consider proper moisture the foundation of your nail care routine. 

Leave your cuticles alone, it’s common practice to cut, push back, or try to get rid of cuticles altogether, but cuticles are not the enemy. Try to avoid contact with water, don’t stop washing your hands or shower with gloves on, but do pay attention to ways you can reduce the time your nails spend in contact with water because excessive water contact can weaken nail structure. 

Be gentle, the best nail care is gentle care. Treat your nails like you treat your hair. Whether your nail care is a form of self-care, an indulgence, or just routine maintenance, keeping your nails in tip top shape is a worthwhile investment. And here’s the good news: Healthy nails require an investment of time, not money. A full range of breathable nail polish is available at 

We at LYN believe happiness is all about looking good and feeling good.

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