Nail Care

Before applying LYN lacquer, we want to ensure your nails are in perfect condition to create the most professional, classy finish!

1- Firstly, it’s vital that you check the shape of the nail; all of your nails need to look the same, and be the same shape!

2- Make sure all the cuticles are cleaned.

3- Ensure there were no painful pricks; meaning the manicurist didn’t prick your skin and cause bleeding.

4- Check closely for any nail polish on the side or on your skin… neat and precise is the key to perfection!

5- The colour application on the nail MUST be consistent. Make sure there is not a variation in colour on the nail… Unless tie-dye is the look you’re trying to achieve!


How to save thickening lacquer…

Sick of your nail polishes drying out or getting lumpy?

If your old nail lacquer starts to thicken, add a few drops of clear nail polish to the bottle. It will thin the polish without ruining it!

Nail polish prep

Take some time out to plan your manicure and prep your nail polish.

Put it in the fridge for 15 minutes to get it cold, this will make applying it a total breeze.

How to make your polish even brighter…

Neon nail polish is super fun and a great way to get your manicure noticed

To make your neon color REALLY stand out, put one coat of white nail polish underneath. Perfect color!