Want to learn how to use your LYN manicure kit? Follow our step by step guidelines to achieve a classic, timeless manicure!


Manicure Tips!

Take the world by storm with the perfect manicure! Follow these steps

Step 1: Firstly with a nail cutter, cut the nail and then file it to the shape you desire…this can be a quirky as you like! We recommend that you use a medium coarse grid cushion filer because this kind it isn’t too sharp and won’t damage the nails!

Step 2: After filing down your nails, smooth the rough edges of the nail with a cushion smooth filer

Step 3: Use a towel remove the excess dust from the nail… the last thing you want is unwanted lumps and bumps once you start applying your base coat!

Step 4: Once this is done then you can apply the base coat. It’s always very important to first apply the base coat as it prevents nail staining.

Step 5:You are now ready to apply your fabulous nail polish – for best colour outcome, you should apply two coats. A good technique is to hold back the skin around the nail while applying the nail polish, that way you can avoid as much as possible getting the skin around the nail when applying the polish!

Step 6: After this, all you need to do is wait two minutes (in case you’ve forgotten LYN is quick drying so you don’t need to wait longer)

Step 7: Finally, apply the top coat making sure that you apply a good amount to seal the nail polish as this will help make your polish last longer and gives a nice glossy effect. Viola! You’re now ready to take the world by storm!

How to combat stained nails.

Stained nails before application? Fear not!

Stained nails before application? Fear not! Just pour 1/2 cup of HOT water in a bowl, 4 tablespoons baking soda and dissolve in water; then add 2 tablespoons of peroxide. Soak your nails for about a minute Voila! No more stained nails!